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oh my goodness, "i forgot"..."no need to worry!"

We know that having to take young babies to daycare and older siblings to school, that alone is a job.  Most families are too busy with their daily routines and juggling their schedules.  Our society has place us in a fast pace environment.  Times have changed from your mother or grandmother staying home to send you off or greet their children when he or she comes home from school. Please don't let it be a day when you are running late! Someone is going to skip a step in their usual routine.  Personal Hygiene and Grooming might be that skipped step.

We provide excellent hygiene products and grooming supplies for children.   I believe, by putting in place a service that places the product in the child's hand that would replace the thoughts of "Oh my goodness, I forgot to use a hygiene product this morning!"  There would be "No need to worry!" because these products would be at the fingertips of the child in school for their convenience. 

The benefits are:

  1. Reduces cavities;
  2. Fights germs that promotes colds and sickness;
  3. Feeling of being "uncomfortable" and "irritable" diminishes;
  4. Tissue is at their fingertips for sneezing and/or crying;
  5. Skin is soft and smelling good;
  6. Brushing their teeth twice a day in school... 
  7. Brushing would be done before or after breakfast and/or lunch.

"I look, feel & smell Good, too!"

  • ​Once a young child takes the responsibility             on a  daily basis to take care of their hair;
  • Make sure their teeth are brush;
  • Have a clean breath;
  • Lotion their body parts; and
  • Be conscious of germs;
  • Then they will certainly look good for that day!

pure excitement

Hygiene That Makes You Feel Good, LLC.(HTMUFG) have enjoyed interacting with the school's faculty and students on special times especially Career Day.  The students had showed an expression of excitement on their faces when they saw the Anti-Germ Fighter's Hygiene case.  You could see how they were looking and asking each other questions.  Wondering...what is that about? But once it was explained to them then they wanted a hygiene case immediately. I had experience a great opportunity with a special education class with disabilities at Henderson Mill Elementary in 2009.

This particular student could not speak but she was doing sign language with her teacher.   She stated, "how much does the case cost" and "how can she get one" because she wanted it at that present moment.  I was "astonished with excitement" from the overwhelming responses that the students displays when they see the characters, the Anti-Germ Fighter's hygiene case, and what is inside of it. "Amazing!!!"

healthy outcome

  • Teeth are white!
  • Breath is fresh!
  • Face is clean and dry!
  • Skin is smooth and     smells so good!
  • Nose is wiped!
  • Hair looks good!
  • Hands are sanitized! Yeah!