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Our Hygiene Family's Story 

Hello Everyone….

Before I get started on telling you about the how’s and the whys, I would like to say when you are "seeking" you will "find."  Seeking and finding was the best thing that could have happened to me.  I surrender to the earth bound ways because it kept me captured. Once I made the choice of working on me and no one else, that's when it all begins.  Searching inside of me to find where I belong at that time of my life was the first step. All this started in year of 2003.  I used to wonder and pray for something miraculous. I needed fulfillment and commitment. My Spirit led me into a place inside of my Soul that was a gift from God!  I knew now I got it! 

I always wanted my own business.  I used to help a few of my friends and being a part of their business ventures but it just wasn't enough for me.  I worked every day on a job that was not at all fulfilling.  I would write for my former Boss on his website about Spirituality in the year of 2005.  I think that's what help me start "cleansing my Soul" and "lifting my Spirit to a higher level."  Once I was introduced to my higher self by the Holy Spirit that is where all my creativity was hidden and the "oneness" was revealed.  The impossible becomes possible!   

My Higher self along with the Holy Spirit started showing and teaching me a new direction.  It taught me how to see, write and compare God's work regarding his storms, lighting, four seasons, nature, sun, wind, fire, ice, animals, ocean, stars and every other facet of God's creation is inside of every human being's behavioral genre.  We are all connected and we all behave in the same type of way but we call it anger, frustration, calmness, having a cold-heart, sad or happy, sickness, stressed out, etc. After seeing and writing about those comparisons, I started asking questions about my own life gathered with my flaws.  Those answers to my questions show me the way of discovering my treasures! Once your work is done then you are 100% complete!  So....my story ends but my character's story begins!  

One day I was sitting in my office at work.  I was talking on the phone and using my pen making doodling marks like circles, squares, triangles on a piece of paper. Before I knew it the first character was born Mr. Terry Toothbrush.  I could not believe that I could even draw a picture that looked so much like a toothbrush! I imagine him looking like a child with clothes, cap, and showing his bristles from the back of the cap.  I said, "Wow!" to myself.  He really looked like a Terry Toothbrush.  You know of course, he needed his counterpart a toothpaste lady.  She was drawn and shaped like the toothpaste tube.  I called her Ms. Sally Ann Toothpaste. I was visualizing her outfit looking somewhat like a sailor’s outfit.  The toothpaste on top of her head was like her sailor’s cap. I showed everyone in my family.  My daughter-in-law went out and bought me a set of color pencils with a sketch pad.  I was so happy and excited that I had a new hobby. 

When I started making these characters that's when I decided to just make 6 couples or 12 characters. But you know what was so astonishing to me is that I could not draw at all! I mean not one lick...I could only do abstract art which did not go anywhere but on the piece of paper.   All the characters had a throwback 70’s & 80’s style. After every character was done... I thought that they would have to have a name for their team.  My Son named them the "Anti-Germ Fighting League"!  Then I was on a mission!  I knew I had Hygiene That Makes You Feel Good as a title for something great! 


By this time, I had created Ms. Sandy Sanitizer; she was shaped like a sanitizer bottle with a cute face and a spout on top of her head. Captain Anti. B. dressed like a super hero who combats bacteria. Ms. Wilma Washcloth looked like an actress from "Grease" the movie. Mr. Harry Hand Towel had his polka dot apple hat with a moustache being so cool.  Ms. Hannah Hairbrush looked like a Gypsy. Mr. Sam the Comb reminded me of Country Western Old Man in a half shape of a comb who wore stylish clothes and a big wide hat. Ms. Lily Lotion had a long purple dress with flat black shoes and a scarf wrapped around her head. TNT aka Tacklin' Tissue is shape like the tissue box with tissue coming from the top of it, he can be very handy.  Ms. Jeanie Cup reminded me of the "Jeanie in the bottle" with the long flowing hair.  Moe Mouthwash looked just liked a muscle bound man shape like a mouthwash bottle with a tiny black hat on top of his head.

I taught myself to scan them into a computer, color them from digital software, and then I recreated them to look more animated.  It took me 1 year from 2007-2008, to finish making all twelve characters. That’s why it is so significant to have the character match the products. They are a product themselves!  The other 14 characters were created from 2010-2014.  They also fit the product image.

I went to work by going to my neighboring schools and pitching the idea of having a hygiene case in school for the child's convenience. This process went on about two years doing fundraisers, and career day.  Now it is 2010, I place everything on hold and regroup my direction.  I met a lady from a Small Business Administration (SBA) meeting and we hit it off immediately. She had loved the idea and the design of the Anti-Germ Fighter's Hygiene case.  She knew there was a health and wellness event going to happen soon.  She asked me to participate with the event. Once the event took place then I was introduced to the Non-Profit world.  Amerigroup was one of the non-profits that kept me so busy!  I had done at least 10 health and wellness events in a six month period. I participated in a few events with DeKalb County Commissioner's.   A variety of Churches who held health & wellness events that I was involved in.  I was very happy and excited. It gave my characters and the business plenty of exposure. The Non-Profit world recognized these characters represented Education, Health and Wellness.  So why not have them be a part of your child's everyday life in school.

Now, to sum up all that was said, if you have a dream or an idea that will not leave you alone then do something about it.    Once you write it on paper, you have put breath into that idea….guess what it becomes alive! Don’t forget hard work, determination, and discipline.  For me, focus was my main struggle to keep holding on to and knowing the prize or the gift from God is right around the corner.  I kept fighting the distractions that were around my everyday life.  Give yourself the time to research your ideas; meaning within yourself!   Faith, trust, and believing that the unknown will transpire if you put your blood, sweat and tears into it!  Thank you! 

Written By: Sheila E. Sloan