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We've been around since 2008 ... going strong

About our company

all 26 characters having a job to do...


Hygiene That Makes You Feel Good, LLC was established in 2008 by Sheila E. Sloan. I had created 12 hygiene characters named the Anti-Germ Fighting League in 2007 and  a Certificate issued under the Seal of the Copyright Office in accordance with Title 17, United States Code, attest that registration has been made for the work identified. 

Their names are Captain Anti. B, Ms. Sandy Sanitizer, Mr. Terry Toothbrush, Ms. Sally Anne Toothpaste, Mr. Sam the Comb, Ms. Hannah Hairbrush, Mr. Moe Mouthwash, Ms. Jeanie Cup, Mr. TNT aka Tacklin' Tissue, Ms. Lily Lotion, Mr. Harry Handtowel, and Ms. Wilma Washcloth.

let's promote "hygiene  awareness  in school!"

Since 2013, we now have 4 more characters: Miss Ramona Aroma, Bonnie Littleleaf Buttercup, Frankie and Farrah Ferrets that offer other items which are all natural and organic hygiene products for adults. Miss Ramona Aroma has a creation of products; i.e. Body Spray, Body Scrubs, Facial Scrubs, Massage oils, and Bath Salts.

Bonnie Littleleaf Buttercup has a creation of products for young teens; i.e. Foaming Bath Butter Soap, Honeysuckle Soft Shower Soap, Hair Shampoo and Hair Conditioner.

Farrah & Frankie Ferret represents as a couple, the lip balm.  Farrah Ferret represents lip gloss for the family use. Herbal mint, peppermint, vanilla, and blue raspberry flavors.

There are 2 other characters that are very concern about our environment. Sergeant Repellant  and Davy is derived from a children's story book (not published yet) but they have a All Natural Repellant and Mosquito Bite Spray. These products are good for campers, scouts, and outdoor sports.
I have written 8 children's story books so far (not published yet) but there are 6 more characters named Yuck Face the "Sad Sick Kid", Mr. Jimmy Herb,and the Germs; i.e. Cousin Germinator, Uncle Virus, Aunty Bacteria and Grandfather Fever. 

The Anti-Germ Fighter's represent each hygiene item that a student would use in school.  These are the twelve items but 6 out of the 12 are all natural and organic hygiene products: toothpaste, hand sanitizer, anti-bacterial soap, lotion, deodorant, mouthwash (alcohol free), toothbrush, cup, comb, brush, tissue packs (2), disposable towelettes.


It's simple the "Store" is brought to you! Personal Hygiene & Grooming supplies stored in a case for your child's convenience while they are in school.  I love speaking to children on how important it is to take care of yourself without your parent's help. This action shows Independence and Responsibility on the child's part.


I came up with this idea from a "thought" and being around my grandchildren a lot.  At the time they were toddlers and school age children and I constantly reminded them about when it was time to eat "did you wash your hands?" In the morning, I would say "wash your face and "don't forget to brush your teeth."  When they would play outside I might see one of them putting her fingers in her mouth. I would say, "don't bite your dirty fingernails" and "go get some tissue for your nose!"  After their bath I asked them "did you put lotion on?" This was my daily routine. But you know, the little that I knew, I was creating a picture in my mind of "repetitious thoughts" that turned into this "incredible phenomenon."

Planting the seed

I wanted to take an early retirement from my job but I did not know what I wanted to do. One day in 2007, I was sitting in my office and started typing the word "hygiene" on my computer. Then I started typing "hygiene that makes you feel good."  It had a ring to it.  I told my friends and family. They said, "you do feel good when you use hygiene products."  Their response gave me such a good feeling about what I discovered it started the wheels in motion!

The idea was the "seed" then it begin to grow in my "dreams."  I had seen the vision of how to get started.  The next thing I knew I was drawing characters, writing a children book, and designing the cases.

about the niche

What makes me different from any competitors... well I found the niche in the market.  The children loves the case, the characters, and the convenience of what they need at their fingertips.  Their appearance means a great deal to a child who can appreciate taking care of themselves which shows maturity.