Good Hygiene Builds  "self-esteem,integrity, and dignity!"


 promote "healthy smiles!"


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our vision

Participates in  community events, company events, fundraisers, donation drives, church events. 

Clean teeth and healthy gums and your mouth smelling minty fresh with a big happy smile!

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brushing for 2 minutes gives you ...  

Aah..Choo!! Please catch those germs...

Personal Hygiene and Grooming supplies for children intended for their use in school.

workshop topic - how to become an entrepreneur!

it is so important to have your tissue right by your side for that big sneeze!

School events - career day, raffles, donations, fundraisers and workshops.

Hygiene That Makes You Feel Good, LLC would like to form a collaborative effort between home and school that promotes and maximizes the student in personal hygiene and grooming supplies to be used on a daily basis.  The Anti-Germ Fighter's hygiene case would stay in school for their convenience.

​One day I hope to have a Anti-Germ Fighter's hygiene case in school or daycare for every student's personal needs.  It's real nice to see "healthy teeth and healthy smiles!"

​I would love to represent a campaign drive that speaks about Just Say "NO" to Germs and Let's Promote "Hygiene Awareness in School!" This is a powerful message that the students have no problem following.

Sheila E. Sloan, Founder, CEO, Creator, and Author ​